I fought with fear most of my life. To be honest, it still creeps up now and again, but doing this study was a huge thing for me. Digging into God's Word and looking at the times He told others not to fear helped me take strides in fighting the fear in my own life.

Too often we manufacture fear, worry, and strife. Too often we place ourselves in unhealthy conditions focusing on our circumstances, or what we think could go wrong. I learned in these times the healthy helpful thing was to go to God and allow the Holy Spirit to comfort me and guide me. Not that it's always easy, but the struggle is always worth it.

Here you will find a little background information from digging in, the story fictionalized, a little study, and a personal story from me. I hope in sharing this information you are able to see how God is helping you with your fears as well.

I started out trying to disprove a common misconception, but I ended up learning how to deal with fear in my life. Whatever your reason for coming by here, I hope you find peace.